Resource Manager

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Resource Manager

Job description

We are looking for a resourceful and tenacious Resource Manager to help us with resourcing our team capacity, supporting project initialization and assisting with tactical resource management. You will be reporting to the Director of Operations and working closely with the Project Management Team, Team Leads and the People Operations team. If that sounds like a challenge you’re up for, we want to hear your story.

And not the one from your resume. Resumes tell us what you’ve done, but they don’t tell us why. Why do you love what you do? Why might Redstamp provide you with what’s been missing from your past jobs? Forget the cover letter and send us a response to our questions.

Redstamp is a growth agency composed of entrepreneurs, tech geeks, innovators and creatives - most of us are a little bit of each - specializing in brand, go-to-market strategy, product design and customer acquisition for high-growth technology companies. Read more about us below.

As the Resource Manager you will:

  • Manage resource planning and allocation. You will meticulously assign people to projects based on their skills, previous experience, availability, and/or project budget.
  • Work with project managers to define roles and responsibilities of the team members you assign to the project.
  • Manage capacity planning. You will make sure that Redstamp’s resources have enough capacity to deliver the upcoming projects and if not, work with the People Operations Team to ensure Redstamp does.
  • Work with the People Operations Team on providing input on contract negations and pay bands.
  • Support project managers on ongoing resource management efforts. You will work closely with Project Managers to assist them when there’s a capacity challenge. You will use your resourceful skills to step in and help Project Manager’s by reallocating resources, adjusting goals or requirements, or assigning new people to the team.
  • Be a strong talent scout while supporting with talent outreach. You will work alongside the Project Management and People Operations teams to recommend the right candidates based on the requirements of each project and support with defining the roles you are looking to fill.
  • Be a proactive forecaster while working closely with the sales and project management side of the business to understand team capacity and resource requirements. You will ensure there are no gaps in our forecasting capacity and ensuring as much time as possible was given to hire and find resources.
  • Proactively manage staffing logistics for projects, ensuring staffing requests are fulfilled in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Be the go-to person for working with the departments to prioritize resources when there is a conflict.
  • Owning and developing the creation of the contractor “Program” which will consist of setting up a contractor/freelancer management tool.


The must-have skills:

  • A minimum of 5 years - of working at an agency with a deep understanding of how agency resourcing works and how all the other departments in an agency work together.
  • Agency understanding - Has experience working in an agency. Understanding of design and software skill sets in order to assign the best person to a role. Is able to understand the flow of how work is assigned to clients and proactively make recommendations while understanding how all the departments work together in an agency from Design, Creative, Marketing, Development and Quality Assurance.
  • Mastery of scheduling software tools and other systems - systems-focused, always choosing software/tools over pen/paper, interested in automation and tools. Experience in dashboarding tools or more sophisticated spreadsheets. Able to roll our systems and processes from the ground up.
  • Collaborative individual with solid people skills - working with many different people and departments and establishing priorities.
  • Strong organizational skills- ability to manage multiple tasks and organize them in a timely and efficient manner to support our business goals.
  • Solutions orientated - Excels at solving problems and drives staffing recommendations to leadership and project management team and escalates findings to leadership during operational and forecast reviews.
  • Supporting with hiring - Working closely with the People Ops team and defining the roles to fill and assist with some outreach to support with hiring.
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills - Be a part of the internal strategic meetings to report resourcing to the business.
  • Strong analytical and scheduling skills - Proven ability to balance capacity across the organization on an ongoing basis, proactively working to rebalance professionals who are above and/or below utilization targets on new projects, completed projects and pipeline projects.
  • Proactive and forward-thinking - Tracks and analyzes supply and demand data, identifying trends or issues and providing clear and timely recommendations to leadership to resolve those issues.
  • High emotional intelligence and empathy skills - A people-person who loves maintaining team harmony. Facilitates positive cross-functional relationships and has an understanding of other departments in the business. Understands organizational initiatives and potential impacts on capacity both client-facing and internal projects related.

Nice to Have:

  • Formal Project Management Training (PMP, or equivalent)
  • Been in a position of leadership and authority
  • Be able to prepare a roadmap for the “department”
  • May have potentially been a People and Culture/HR Manager, a PM or both in the past.
  • Is resourceful in nature and can think outside the box

Salary Range: $80,000.00 - 90,000.00 CAD

Why work at Redstamp
We exist to leave things better than we found them, to relentlessly challenge ourselves and strive for new ways to enhance our team, our customers and our community. That’s why we’re breaking the digital agency mold. Through research and healthy introspection, we double-down on what’s right. We create an environment where people are excited to be a part of every day andone where they can reach their highest potential so that Redstampembodies a brand that attracts the best and brightest. That takes knowing our people and creating a space where their individuality and value matters - one that is inclusive, kind, and invested in you. Not just while you are at work but in your life, your growth and your overall success as a human being.

Working for Redstamp, you’ll find value in:

  • A competitive salary and comprehensive medical and dental benefits plan
  • Free unlimited access to Telus Babylon Mental Health Counselling available on your first week of employment
  • Receive coaching and support from a manager that is invested in your future
  • Opportunities to work on global tech brands and products
  • Financial support for advanced training, personal development, and career development
  • A flexible working environment (we did remote before it was cool)

Our Commitment to Inclusion:

We know that there are great candidates out there that don’t meet every single requirement we’ve listed above, and research shows that marginalized groups tend to apply for jobs only when they meet the criteria exactly. If this role sounds like it was made for you, please apply. Redstamp welcomes all applicants regardless of race, gender, orientation, sexual identity, economic class, ability, disability, age, religious beliefs or disbeliefs, or status. We believe that different perspectives and backgrounds are what make a company flourish and we welcome you!

Our team is diverse and geographically distributed across Canada and around the world. This role offers a flexible work environment; you can work from our Port Moody Office (we’re close to the Inlet Skytrain), work fully remote, or a combination of both. This opportunity is only open to candidates within Canada at this time.

We can’t wait to meet you!